Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Toy: Day 1

My Nikon D3000 came in yesterday and I took it out for a test spin today.

Side-story: I went to Target to buy my camera last week, but when the cashier rung it up, my card was declined! I was so unbelievably bummed... not to mention confused, since there was no reason for my card to be declined. Jeff suggested that I just order it on-line because it would most likely be cheaper. I looked on Amazon and it was about $100 cheaper... no tax... and free shipping. Woo-Hoo!! I ordered it right there.

When I checked Yahoo for my confirmation e-mail, I also had an email from my bank. They reported that there had been some suspicious activity (my thwarted attempt at Target) on my card and that they had locked it! BAH! I suppose you could call it a blessing in disguise, since I got such a deal afterward. :)

Here are some test shots. There aren't many because I only had a 64 MB SD card on me, but I'm planning on ordering a larger one later on.

Trying to enhance his blue-ness.

A Japanese pinball machine from Mocha 101.

You've GOTTA know what this is.

Ummm... yea...

I am seriously in love with my camera. The pictures come out so crisp and detailed, even in dim lighting. I think that was my main issue with my little point-n-shoot Cannon. Couldn't take night shots for shit. But not my Nikon. :) I'm so happy! My last splurge for a while. Gotta let my stack recover.

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Danielle Monae' said...

Damn, that camera is goooooooddddd!
Im jealous.


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