Monday, June 29, 2009


I liked the movie and I want to smack the critics who are banging it so harshly.

What did you expect from a movie...
based on a cartoon...
about transforming, alien robots?

Seriously? It's as if they were expecting a life-altering experience. Or a second Schindler's List. C'mon now. It's fantasy. Pure escapism. That's all I was expecting and I got it ten fold.

I wasn't sitting through the preview thinking to myself, "This is sure to be a thought-provoking, complex film that I can discuss with my friends over lattes." I don't go to these kinds of movies to analyze character development and plot complexities. Please.

Giant robots... hot girl... relatable hero... explosions... good shit. Sam's parent's were hilarious, too. I love them in the first one and I was happy to see that they were in the second one even more.

HOWEVER. Oh yes, I have a "however." It wasn't enough that they killed off Jazz in the first one. Now these stereotypical twins are plopped in there? Really? Was that really necessary?

That aside, I enjoyed myself. I "oooh"ed and "aahh"ed to my hearts content and left the theater amazed at how far special effects and computer graphics have come. I also left the theater wishing I had my own Bumble Bee. -sigh-

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Sher said...

Haven't really had the urge to watch it. as much as I liked the cartoon, no the movie... not so much lol
oh yes layering with full & soft is the best thing ever!!! Glad im not the only one who layers!