Friday, August 21, 2009

My Most Favorite!

Rafting at Rancho Cordova is easily one of my favorite things to do on a hot day. Jeff and I took 3 friends this past Tuesday and it was as relaxing as ever. I'm telling you! Having a weekday off together is the greatest, since everything is so much busier during the weekend. :) Luckily, Jen & Pat also have Tuesdays off. We had been trying to get together for this for a while.

Jen, Pat, Jeff, Me, & Mark

It was about 98 degrees out, so you bet your ass we slathered on the sun block. It didn't stop the tan line, though. Damn it! Now I have circles on my hips from the damn bikini bottoms! Oh well, it was fun.
My favorite part of the river!

We were able to just hang out on the rocks and the water wasn't even that cold. Perfect.

Me & the boyfriend (don't tell him, but I only use him for his body).

I love chillin' on the river so much that for my birthday, Jeff actually planned a rafting party for me! Soooooo fun! Except for the fact that half the electronics got soaked :( At the end, there were phones and cameras laid out on the towel, desperately trying to dry in the sun. We called it the electronic graveyard. Even on Tuesday, Pat forgot that his iPhone was in his pocket when he jumped into the water. I guess the excitement makes you forget? *shrug*

Our group converging on the parking lot!

Had to rest up before carrying the rafts on coolers to the river.


This was only half of the party. The other half stole a water cannon and bolted :P
It was war!

The enemy ship!

The lovelies (and Chris) finding sanctuary in the shade.
Jk... Chris is lovely, too.

Treating the wounded... well, a lesson in how to.

I love being on the river, surrounded by beautiful women in bikinis! ;)