Monday, April 27, 2009

Salon of Looooove

You know he loves you when he'll do your nails... and actually put some real effort into it.

We were trapped in the kitchen with nothing to do, so Nikki and I whipped out the nail polish and went to work while Jeff hunted car parts on the internet. It was funny because Jeff was getting so frustrated with the thin Art Deco brush. He was trying to do tiger stripes on my right hand because... well, I'm right handed. You know how it is.

I love my man.

She's rocking that purple leopard print, ain't she?
Threw in a dragon tattoo for good measure.
Lisa Frank, anybody?
She was very proud of how they came out.

And with that... I'm off to bed!
G'nite, you beautiful people!

1 comment:

Pop Champagne said...

what pretty nails, and you two match in your plaid shirts! Way too cute :)