Thursday, May 7, 2009

And she's off!

Jeff and I are heading off to San Jose at the end of May for Fanime 2009. This is the first time either of us has attended something like this, so we want to do it right. Of course, that means that we're dressing up. Mmm-Hmmm. Matching his and hers costumes in sickening couple tradition. Haha. We both love Silent Hill and decided that he would be Pyramid Head and I would be one of the deformed nurses. He's been working like crazying on his helmet. If you want to see his progress, just click ->HERE<-. That link actually goes to an older post off his blog, so he's actually much further along. Here are some of his latest pictures:

I got my "sexy nurse" costume in the mail. It's the smallest they had, but considering that I'm smaller than your average lady... it's still not small enough. Heh. It's fine. I have other things to worry about before altering that and dirtying it up. I'm going to post a video on it later, because I have a couple qualms on the quality. I'm focusing on my head piece at the moment. Here's what I've gotten done so far...

I didn't draw eyebrows...
I had to mark off where I was gonna cut the eye 'cause they were way too low.
See? Much better, right?
(Not that I'm going to be able to see anyway.)

Me: "It it the size of my head yet?"
Nikki: "No. Need to be bigger."
Me: "Err... thanks."
I'd say that's about right.
*sigh* These two...
So it won't stick.Ready to get down n' dirtay.
I really should've changed out of my good clothes,
but I was excited to get started.

Nikki had baked oatmeal/raisin/ chocolate chip cookies earlier, so I decided to have one as a reward after. I'm currently waiting for it to dry before starting on another layer. I'm having fun on this project! It's been a while since I've made something and I can't wait to see how it turns out. Cross your fingers for me!

Oh yea! My birthday was this past Sunday, May 3rd. I'll post on that later. I HAVE to show you that day!

Alright then. G'nite, everybody! Sweet dreams!

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