Sunday, November 16, 2008

Yay For Weekends!!

(Sidenote: Barely any pictures as I would have liked because I didn't have my 2GB SD card, only my 256MB that already had a couple videos/pictures I couldn't delete. Phooey.)

SATURDAY: November 15, 2008
I had a pretty full 2 days off. Family fun sort of things. On Saturday afternoon, I took Nikki and Mariel to meet Jeff after he got off work at the FedEx station for a BBQ. It wasn't just a little grill and some people. Oh no. They had it catered... with a DJ! It was a lot of fun. The food was damn good, especially the BBQ sauce. Just a little bit tangy and spicy. Perfect. They had this HUUUUGE black grill that was attached to the catering truck. It sort of looked like a giant oil drum that had been turned on its side. The guy would lift the lid and smoked would spew out. Tray after tray of chicken, ribs, & beef kept coming out of that thing! Of course, there was potato salad and other healthy things as well. Is potato salad healthy? Maybe borderline? I don't know. What I was looking for, but was surprisingly missing, was macaroni and cheese. What the heck, man? I'm all about my side items. lol

Jeff's co-workers were all so nice. I always enjoy seeing them. ^.^ The weather was great, the food kept coming, music was blazing... so everybody was feeling friggin' fabulous. The girls had fun playing with all the kids and running around in the station, too. I seriously wish I had brought at least my video camera. They were climbing all over the trucks, riding on the palettes, screaming, and running. I'm surprised they didn't knock out early after we got home later that night, because we didn't go straight home after the BBQ. It was still early when it started wrapping up.

So, we went home after... only to change diapers and things like that. Re-stock on diapers. Then we were off again and decided to take them to Japan Center. 'Scuse me. I meant J-Town. It was kind of disappointing, though, because everything was starting to close! It wasn't even 6 yet, if I rememeber correctly. Anyway, Nikki at least got a crepe and Mariel got what was supposed to be MY lychee shake. Since all the shops (Which were filled with sweltering heat. Bastards.) were already shutting down, we drove off into the night again. This time, we were in search of food, so we went to Mel's.

We were doing really well up until the end, when Mariel spilled water all over her and Nikki's side of the booth. At least it was only water, and not something sticky. Oh yea! I've been on a chicken pot pie kick lately. Nothing's been able to beat the one I had at the Blue restaurant, though. The one at Mel's was gargantuan! A man at the next booth had ordered one and his came before mine. I saw it and my eyes bugged out. BUT it was just a big ol' pot pie full of OKAY. Not an adequately sized pot pie full of HOT DAMN!

And that was Saturday. Now, onto today...

SUNDAY: November 16, 2008
Les & Tito Miguel came by today to show us the movie they shot of Mariel's baptism. My uncle love shooting and editing videos. He had 2 video cameras on that day, so he was able to shoot at multiple angles at one. One camera was in a fixed spot by the altar and the other he moved around with the action. The movie he showed us this afternoon isn't the finished product, though, just what he has so far. He says he'll be incorproting more stills, so I gave him a CD copy of the pictures I had taken from my camera. I can't wait to see it when it's done, because what he's got so far is amazing.

Since Les is Mariel's godfather, he has a slot at the end of the movie where he's narrating over some footage of him and Mariel in Marlon Brando's voice. It was hillarious.

After they left, Jeff came over and we (Jeff, Nikki, Mariel, & I) went to pick up my dad at the restaurant. We we to Serramonte for some frozen yogurt. Let me say this again: These places are popping up like weeds! Did some shopping at Target. We actually didn't visit any other stores inside the mall, now that I think about it. Target is a dangerous place for me, though. I did buy some things, but I'll ge to that later.

In & Out burger was our last stop before heading home. I'm not a huge fan, but that's just me. AAaaaanndd... that wraps up that section of this blog.

Purchasing and Technology:
I swear, if I were to give in to what I REALLY want to buy... I'd be completely broke. Anything that has to do with electronics, gadgets, DVDs, computers... dear Lord. I'd be doomed to bankruptcy. This is my current status with the DVDs. Imagine! (PS: That red bowl chair and blanket were birthday gifts from Jeff ^.^ He doesn't care when I just slob around all day.)
Aside from buying another season of Family Guy, I got this little cutie:A Targus table top tripod that extends to about 6 inches and has a head that can rotate 360*. I can even take vertical pictures with this baby! The one I have right now (right on to Tito Boyet for sending it to me) is much taller, but I can only take horizontal pictures. Is that called landscape? Sorry, but I don't know any photography terminology.

Oh! Do you see that black pillar-like thing behind it? The one on the left. That is my life saver.
The Seagate FreeAgent desktop external hard drive. -muah- This has 250GB of storage! Jeff recently had to re-format my computer because I downloaded a game I wasn't s'posed to -innocence smile- I was so lucky that most of what I didn't want to lose was on this thing.

Speaking of which. I made 2 more purchases off Amazon: a backup batter for my camera and a 16GB SDHC card. Let the good times roll!

Okay. Was that enough reading and nerdocity for you? Good. I won't bother you for another few hours. G'nite, folks!

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