Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bad Girl. Baaaad!

First of all, look what husby bought for me while he was doing his route downtown! The Moofia Toki Doki mints! Isn't Mozerella cute?

But look at what's inside! Awww... a little mirror. He had actually bought one for himself with a different character (Bastardino) and, after seeing the mirror, said, "That means there's one inside mine, too. I feel a little gay now." lol He likes it :P

So, after work yesterday, I was trying to turn left to go home... but somehow I turned right and ended up at Serramonte mall. Eeep. Everything was on sale because they're scurrying to draw people back into shopping. Of course I had to take advantage of that desperation :) I bought a lot, but spent so much less than I would have if they hadn't been on sale. There was a lot left despit the fact that I got there at around 7:45, after all the teeny boppers had gotten out of school and ransacked the mall. Luckily for me, the place hadn't been gutted.

The earring were 2 for $8. I really liked the first pair and the second... well, I was trying to venture in to more... erm... adventurous territory.

This gray top is also a bit out of character. I'm very much into t-shirts and jeans. Baggy cargoes if I have the time to hem 'em a bit. I have a bottomless pit of safety pins in my room. I needed a sweater, though.
Black thermal, beaters in black, green, white (2, cause I love 'em), and a cute scarf. There were a bunch of theses carves on the rack and yellow seemed to be the only ones left. I don't know why. It's completely rock star status, in my opinion.
T-Shirts... T-Shirts... T-SHIRTS!!! -wheezing-
The sales lady laughed while she was scanning me out and saw that I had bought this one :)Adorable, menacing, and insulting all in one!Jeff has a "No Animal Prints" rule regarding my wardrobe, but he's just a boy and I'm awesome. Yup. More purples. I bought these together, but actually wasn't considering wearing them together. That would be a very purple outfit, so I don't know. They're cute individually, though.
And that's it for now with the expenditures.

I need to get the girls ready to go to Jeff's FedEx BBQ/ car show. I'll take pictures and videos. Fuuuun! Have a great weekend, everybody!


jeSmakeup said...

i love the last outfit! too bad summer is over for me.. im freezin ow a days! plaid shorts is cute! never seen those before...

Jen said...

oooOoh, i love the fun size shirt!! =)

thanks for following, dear! said...

Those t-shirts are hawt!!! I to be scoring one of those "I'm not short. I'm Fun size" too!!! LOL