Friday, November 14, 2008

Gazongas (Pre-Blog)

I just wanted to pre-blog (I'm going to clean up my room, then post about my shopping splurges today after work... Baaaad, Elisa.).

So, a few days ago, I decided to use my $10 off card on the new Victoria's Secret Miracle push-up bra and... Holy crap, man. I'm adequately-endowed. Of course I have those moments when I'm like, "Damn you, genetics!" But overall, I'm satisfied. They're proportionate with my small stature :P

But I tried on the bra when I got home (the same one pictured), and I swear I went, "Sweet Jesus! I have implants!" I don't know if I want another one of these. I feel as if they're a bit much, y'know? How can you buxom beauties deal with those things!? Years of practice? I applaud you for being able to deal with the attention, because after a few seconds, I felt as if I was sexually harassing myself. Oggling my goodies and what-not. I guess this will be my "Special Occasions Only" bra. I should've gotten the regular one, not the lacy one, because the lace on the edges tend to bend forward. It looks strange. Great OOOMPH factor, but I should've nixed the lace. Sexy enough without.

Alright. Enough of that. Gotta roll up the sleeves.

(Sidenote: For some reason, I was having random flashbacks of guys in high school telling me I looked "hot" in the passenger's seat of their cars (some sort of come on, possibly)... me getting annoyed/pissed... and thinking, "I'm gonna look even hotter in the driver's seat of my own.")

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kae said...

hi, just stumbled on your blog. LOL this post made me laugh. sexually harassing your self LOLL. i'm pretty short as well, and were decently blessed even before pregnancy, but after having 2 kids, they got bigger. and i dont like them bc to me it's not sexier, but i feel fatter!