Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drug Zombies! (rant)

Today was friggin' endless. I swear to God. Prescriptions were coming in non-stop through the 8 hours. They were being called in over the phone, coming through the fax, being handed by the stack through the in-window. (Some) People were giving us crap about the wait time, getting pissed off that their prescriptions weren't ready... blah blah blah. Holy crap, man! -wheezing- Buuut, on the upside, it's better that we're busy then inexplicably not. With the economy the way it is, today was sort of reassuring albeit exhausting.

I'm so happy that my co-workers keep their cool and know what they're doing. lol. I see that stack building in front of me and I just start to lose it little by litt.e Whew. I'm at least holding my own, considering how much a newbie I am.

Also, a larger portion of our customers are understanding and patient. They far outnumber the irritating ones who wants things not now, but yesterday. The "all you have to do is count some pills and give me my medicine" customers. -sigh- We just keep having to remember that they don't know what goes on behind the counter.

The calls to the insurance because of rejected claims, new IDs, impropersly entered birthdays (as in the patient gives us their birthday, but the insurance has a completely different one on file which throws off the billing process), the prior authorizations, the treatment authorization request, dealing with MediCal.

The calls to doctors because one medicine has interactions with another, the drug doesn't come in the form/strength written for, there was information missing. Just this month, I've gotten 3 prescriptions where the doctor didn't even sign the thing and 1 where the doctor didn't write the right patient's name on it.

So, no... we don't "just count some pills."

However, so many customers are just gems. They're fun to deal with, talk to, joke around with... are very patient and realize how much we actually do for them and genuinely appreciate it. They're great and I actually look forward to seeing them in line. Well, I'm not happy about WHY I have to see them on a regular basis... but you understand. All you can do is hope they get better.

All in all, a very long day and I'm satisfied. Exhausted and ready to be in bed by 9 o'clock, but satisfied.

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