Monday, November 10, 2008

Where's my cigar?

Mariel's baptism! She slept through almost the whole thing. Poor baby. My tito Miguel isn't in the picture, cause he was being super photographer. Also, I became a godmother. Where's my reclining leather chair and cigar!?
Jeff & I
The ladies. My face is like that 'cause I was saying, "SMILE!" hahaI think this picture is friggin' precious! Right after she finished her mountain of food, she was running, jumping, screaming... had the time of her life. I was planning on going to the gym before work today, but I hurt my ankle. 4-inch heels and little children do not work well together.

Also, I took Jeff to Cold Steel in Castro to get his ear pierced. Well, OUR ears pierced. If you're thinking of getting pierced or tattooed and live in the Bay Area. I highly recommend this place. It's clean, the people are experienced and nice, and they have many references.

He hates the little spiked stud, but he has to keep it in for 6 weeks. He actually set the alarm on his phone for the day that he can take it out. Goober.
Jeff held my hand while I got mine. The pain didn't bother me as much as the sound of the metal breaking through my cartilage.
We finished off with some BOMB-ASS chicken pot pie at the Blue restaurant a few shops down from Cold Steel. So good. Flaky, creamy, freshly-made... -drool-

So, yes, happy happy weekend. Now I'm sleepy, though... Mmm... but I have work in 7 minutes, so I should probably head out soon. Have a good Monday, folks!

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Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooooo, I want some chicken pot cold here...need warm food.... haha :)