Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged!?

Hey, this means that somebody's reading my ramblings. Good for me! -pats self on back- Thank you for the tag, Diane! Wooo! I'm excited.

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3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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# 1 : I met my boyfriend on MySpace and we've been together for over 2 years. We actually just got our ears pierced this past Saturday at a place called Cold Steel in Castro. Who would've thunk that I'd fall in love with some weirdo I met on the internet? :P Naw. I actually hit on him with a pretty lame line about one of his pictures and it just developed from there.

#2 : I'm one inch away from legally needing to be in a car seat. 4'9" is the magic number! I also qualify to have a handicapped plaque in my car. Jeff keeps bugging me to get one, but my stupid conscience nags me into doing the right thing. Dammit. The moment I start thinking of it, I start picturing grannies with walkers and men with one leg... it's irksome. I have no problem with my height, though, except for the constant reaching and stretching and getting ID'ed. Not cool, Mr. Officer!

#3 : In middle school, I got so jealous of all my friends having had at least one nosebleed (they were accident prone/ sensitive to heat/ reckless) that I gave myself one on purpose. I ran face-first into a metal bar. My eyes teared up, but I was ecstatic. I rushed into my mom's restaurant with blood running down my chin so that she could share my joy. She didn't.

#4 : I'm hardly ever IN any pictures. I like to run around with my camera, snapping away, but I rarely stand and pose. I tend to ruin pictures by making faces, standing awkwardly, or looking miserable. Just not interested. I should probably stop that, though, for the sake of future references and alibies.

#5 : I talk/sing/laugh in my sleep. My boyfriend and best friend are witnesses. Shutting up is hard! Umm... I also take off pieces of clothing. My friend Jen was sleeping over and it was kind of embarassing. We fell asleep on the couches in my living room (my old apartment) in our street clothes. I woke up without pants... and they were tight jeans, too! And where were they? I had, at some point, thrown 'em behind the couch. (Jeff's reading this, loving it, and wishing we lived together.)

#6 : I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's long, thick, and extremely curly. I get it from my dad. It makes me feel wild/unique because I barely ever see anybody with hair like mine. BUUUT... at the same time, I hate it because it's so hard to take care of. I'd love to be able to just get out of the shower and go. Well, get dress and all that crap first, of course. I dunno. I'm trying to decide whether to straighten it or not. Hmmm... I also don't trust anybody with straight hair to cut mine. NONONO. You've gotta relate with your clientele! One lady cut my hair as if I had hair like hers and... OMG... she turned me into a frizzy mushroom. RAWR!!

1 - JEFF
2 - THEA

Umm... everybody I'm subscribed to has already done this :( so that's all I have.

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Diane said...

haha OMG. WE share a few things in common. I'm nearly 5'0 feet! It sucks. instead of sleep talking, I happen to sometimes sleep touch myself. I wake up all scared!!! cause I swear, it's not me.