Wednesday, November 5, 2008


November 4, 2008... last night Jeff and I were at the gym and everybody literally froze to listen. Well, not in the room where there was a class going on since they had trance pumping into their ears like nobody's business. I can be proud of my president again, instead of sulking in shame and feeling horribly misrepresented to all other countries. So happy that there was a polling place at the Boys & Girls club just 2 blocks from my house.

All I have to say is... HELL FUCKING YESSSSSSS!!!

I'm pretty sad about the passing of Prop 8, though. All the comments I've been hearing... shit like "It's not about love, it's about lust"... have been pissing me off and I had really been hoping that it wouldn't pass. -sigh- One step at a time, I s'pose. I'm sure it'll come up again.

I didn't hear anything about the (hopefully) George Bush sewage treatment plant. I hope that passed. I'll ask at work.

Anyway, from the bottom of my heart, I believe that this is a huge step in the right direction. Let's see how the next 4 years play out.


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