Friday, November 28, 2008

Patience, Grasshoppa.

Why not Turkey Day posts yet? Because the weekend's not over yet. There might still be relatives deciding to pop in. More picture and video opportunities, y'know?

While we wait on that post, though, I have another video to shoot your way. It's a bit long and it's the first time I've intro'd & actually spoken into the camera, so forgive me if I'm fidgety and distracted. It's just me and Jeff joking around from earlier tonight. Enjoy!

(OMG! Why did stupid Blogger choose THIS as the still shot!?)

Oh yea! Did I mention that a regular customer gifted the ladies in the pharmacy with Etude lipstick? Very nice man. Yes'r. I wonder how popular with the ladies he was back in his younger days...


Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhhhhh what a nice anniversary gift, to get a coastal scents palette. I can't wait to dive into it -- its so pretty, that I almost don't even want to touch it!! GAH!!!!

DSKNguyen said...

you're hair is so long! I cannot grow my hair to save my life.

I've tried eating lots of onions, and lengthening shampoos too. hehe