Sunday, December 7, 2008


Jeff went with me to Costco this weekend and I FINALLY have my contacts. I'm still half in shock at how clearly I can see without my glasses. This is friggin' GREAT. Now my eyes won't be obscured by frames and glass. I can finally show off what I've learned through all your blogs and YouTube channels! Haha. He won't admit it (to spare my feelings?) but the boyfriend prefers me without my glasses. I do, too, but I was lagging on getting contacts. But now there' s a 2-year-old grabbing at my face and executing secret ninja moves to get her chubby lil' fingers on my frames whenever I leave the room. I just hope that she doesn't get bored and decide to jab me in the eyes.

I only have clear ones for now. We'll see about colors later.

Damn. I'm excited. I can drive without fear!


Baby Blue™ said...

Wait until your contacts get hella dry like mine!

jeSmakeup said...

email me so i can invite u to my blog n leave ur blog link as well

kae said...

thats great about ur contacts but i agree with the first comment that they dry and irritate my eyes out like crazy! when they get irritated my eyes water and all my makeup work goes to waste! loll. and colored ones i hated because when i would drive sometimes, the contact would move and i would see the color of the contact and it would block my vision! so i would take them out while i'd be driving cuz they irrtated me so much! but good luck with urs, maybe i just wasnt cleaning them good enough.