Monday, October 20, 2008

On the Defensive

I'm not starting work until 12:45, but I've barricaded myself in my house until then... and I've been up since 7:30 this morning! "Why?", you might ask (but most likely didn't). To save money.

I'm very serious about moving out next year and I'm finally in a position to really start saving for it. I have a bit saved up, but not enough to suit me. I'm not trying to run home to mommy and daddy, asking for their help. What would be the point of moving out, then? My student loan's just about out of the picture. I think I can have it knocked out with my next 2 pay checks if nothing jumps in and screws me over. After that... it's scrimp, save, pinch, pull, steal, stretch, and gamble.

I seriously can't wait. Everybody is telling me that I HAVE to throw a freedom party when I'm finally out. Anybody close to me knows just how restricted my life is at the moment. I barely have any contact with anybody outside of my family, Jeff, and co-workers, but I'm grateful for even that.

Jeff's been a rock through all this. He's complained, but that's understandable. Overall, he's just been pushing me forward while staying by my side. I love him so much.

Family is family. It's the only one I have and even though at times I might feel like running out the front door screaming... I'd always come back. Haha.

I like going to work. It's sort of an escape. My co-workers kick ass and I get along with them really well and they make things FUN.

Friends have been trying to keep me in the loop. I'm surprised the invites out haven't stopped coming. Hopefully, by this time next year, I'll be able to spend as much time with you guys as I've wanted.

Bit by bit I'm losing my grip on my sanity. But... I have to just tough it out a little longer.

Back to the initial topic. I'm saving money by staying home. No walking through the mall. Not even to the corner store. I already know I have to fill up my tank today and even that made me flinch. Shouldn't have put it off since last week. "It's not in the red just yet..." lol I'm not even leaving the house with my atm, which is kinda genius, but also asking for trouble at the same time. All those "what if" scenarios keep creep into my head.

Now... if I could just block these on-line shopping sites...


Kimberly Tia said...

oh boy -- blocking online shoppping sites... HA HA HA -- those are my weakness!

Especially havin' ebay around...and the with blogger, i find myself buying more and more in-store andddd online (cuz of blogger reviews!!!)

Elisa said...

I know! Every since I discovered beauty blogs, I find myself wanting to buy all the things you ladies give great reviews about. I think I need to lock my atm in a vault before checking for Blogger updates :P