Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daddy's Girl

I've always said that my dad is one of the few people who can shop for me without having to ask me what I like, especially when it comes to clothes. He'll buy me a random piece out of nowhere and 9 times out of 10, I'll love it. I'm very picky when it comes to shopping for myself. I can completely love a top... the color, the fit, the texture... but then I won't like the stitching and it will be flatly rejected. This is why Jeff never shops for clothes for me (Except for hoodies. That's a safety zone.)

Here's a great example. These are boots that I bought while out shopping with Jeff:

I love them so much! I especially like the buckles. Can't go wrong with buckles. Adorable.

Now, here's a pair that my dad just sprung on me:


I love my pops. Not because he buys me things. I haven't asked him for anything since I started working, but he likes little surprises. I get most of my personality from him.... not to mention my crazy, curly hair. I'd love to post a picture of him from back in the day when he had his 'fro, but he's hidden it from me :P We've dodged the cops together, explored the City, traveled to Canada, went bridge-climbing in Australia. We're homies. ^.^

Also, my dad's hilarious!

Dad (while driving insanely the way he usually does): "See this? See what I'm doing? Don't EVER do this because it's dangerous and illegal."
Me: "Then why are YOU doing it!?"
Dad: "Because I'm stupid."

Hahah... I LOVE YOU, DAD! You's the greatest.


jeSmakeup said...

those boots r hot!

kae said...

love the boots!

aww you're so lucky to have a wonderful daddy :)

mine wasn't too involved...and now when he tries to be, it's like it's too late..