Monday, October 27, 2008


And when the heavens part...
a light shone down...


This is yet another thing my boyfriend and I share a great fondness of. How proud was I when my little cousin turned to me and said, "I wanna be a zombie for Halloween." -big grin- Not a fairy princess (although she won that year when I did her makeup)... or some girly what-have-you. A zombie! Let the creative juices flow.

I went down to Spirit during my lunch break and picked up some blood, black and white cream makeup (Zombies are not white. They are gray, or some other decomposing hue.), liquid latex, a bite wound kit, and a bullet hole kit. I'm having second thoughts on the bullet holes, though. At first I considered having them on her forehead, but any horror fan knows that a zombie that's been shot in the head is just of no use to anybody. Maybe in the arm or leg?

I've been searching YouTube for some do-able tutorials, too. After watching a few... I think I'm going to need more liquid latex.

I need to find time to get to Good Will and find some clothes we can mess up. I don't know what direction to go on that one, either. We'll see. I'm so excited!

(Sidenote: Little-known fact about Elisa? I desperately wanted to be a worker in Jim Henson's Creature Shop when I was in middle school.)

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