Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Keys

I'm feeling a bit restless and bored. I'm also exhausted, but for some reason my body won't let me fall asleep when I rest my head on my pillow. Perhaps it was the pumpkin-shaped sugar cookie I just ate. Or the mug o' hot chocolate? -shrug- Anyway, I decided to blog myself to sleep. Eddie Izzard is playing in the background... actually in another window on You Tube. He's a stand-up comedian. HIGH-LAR-EE-US. My co-worker, Mary introduced me and now I'm hooked. His bits on religion have me cracking up.

On to my random blog about my keys! Not so much my keys, actually, as the things attached to them. I see a lot of my friend with just a little something dangling by their keys, but not me. Oh no. I need MANY things to dangle and distract me. The pretty, shiney things! OOOHHH!! lol

First attachment:

Turns out I was wrong in my previous post. The bar code hadn't rubbed off on my Best Buy key card... thing. It might as well have, though. Can you imagine them trying to scan this thing?? HOWEVER...
THIS is the part that rubbed off. So how can I tell that this was the right one? Well... you can't quite see in this picture, but there are few fragments of Best Buy blue still on there.

Jeff brought this 'E' back for me from his boy bonding time in Vegas. ^.^ M&M's roooock!

This is one of those plastic deals with the bug preserved inside. Jeff bought one for me while we were walking around the cherry blossom festival in J-Town. What can I say? He know's what I like. It's even green!I'm a wee bit abusive with my belongings, though. He's about ready to escape. Imagine me reaching over for my keys and having little beetle legs come off in my hands. Poor little guy. You deserve a more delicate owner. This is why I can't have nice things! lol... an iPhone wouldn't last 3 days in my clutches.

I saw this at Hot Topic and HAD to get it. Brings back great memories. Like trying to clean the cartridge by blowing into it repeatedly. -sniffle- Such simpler times.
The guys see this and ask right away where I got it. Of course, I HAVE to tell... even though it's basically like telling another girl where you got your favorite top... then seeing her wear the exact same one, pretending that it was her "great find." -grits teeth- I should slap you with my decomposing beetle-cube.

Lastly, but not leastly... does anybody know what this is? Jeff has the other one ;)

I'll bid you good night with that last one. Haha. Toodles!

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imee said...

u got a nintendo controller on there. that's awesome!