Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

The first thing I did on Halloween... the VERY first thing... was to wish my boyfriend a happy birthday. 12 AM. He loves his birthday to no measure. Who wouldn't?? It's friggin' Halloween!

The SECOND thing I did on Halloween was wake up at 6 am to do Nikki's (my cousin) makeup for school . Why so early? Because after, I have to drive her to school, my mom to work, and then come back home to get ready for work by 8:45am. So, yes. Very hectic Halloween morning. I didn't get to START her makeup until 6:45, though.
She was still in the shower and I had to wait. You swear I'd be able to knock out and get back up. Anyway, I started by gluing on the fake wounds. Bite wounds. Bullet wound. What-have-you wounds.
And the the "decaying" skin"...Random things that just popped into my mind at the moment...
-drum roll-

... and the finished product!
I think it came out alright for the time I had. I would have added more blood, but her school has this dumb rule against it. Meh. I'm a little dissatisfied because I really wanted to to more, but I was so crunched for time. There was this paste I had bought that I wanted to put under the gray cream makeup that, when it dried, would have made her skin look like it was cracked and peeling. I wanted to do a better job adhering the wounds to her skin and blending it out more believably. Oh well... maybe next time.

Halloween night, immediately after work:
My Hubby & his birthday present.
Mariel before makeup (not from the actual night, since I don't have a REAL before picture).
Mariel (& my dad) after her makeup and costume were put on.Posing with Lola (who was extremely proud/amused).
Heading out.
Met up with Thea (that 80's girl on the left :P)
Posing at the mall. Sorry, I don't like to be IN the pictures.
(Ok, side short: So, the 5 of us were walking through the mall when I looked over and notice my zombie cousin was no longer with us. I look around, then back. The people working at one of those cart-shops were around her, poking her wounds and going, "eeeww." It made me feel all warm and fuzzy.)

Jeff's turn to take the baby up.She would only say, "trick or treat" while the door was closed. :/
Lastly... a shot of me! G'night! :P


Jnie said...

Oooo....thats pretty scary, great makeup too ! thats the cutest tiger ever.

thanks for dropping by my blog. I know what you meaning about knowing where everything is even in a mess, i do that

jeSmakeup said...

those blood makin n stuff is soo cool! hope u had fun! =]

Kimberly Tia said...

tiger babyyyyyyyyyy... omg you could just squeeze her to pieces!!!

Jessica Dee said...

the grudge look was CRAZYY scary..burrrrr sent shivers down my spine..that girl from grudge freaks me out. BUT you and your family are SO adorable ;]

girllovemac said...

thats scary and very creative, i like that!!!!