Monday, September 8, 2008

No Comprende

Hello, boys and girls!

I just wanted to blog about my current addiction...

OMG. I love it so much. It's not some lovey-dovey, frou-frou anime despite the fact that it's supposed to be a romantic comedy. It's mostly random. Let me give you an example...

juvenile delinquent loves nice girl
nice girl loves oblivious guy
oblivious guy loves curry
and occasionally dresses like a snow man...
water imp...
teacher is a sniper
student is an assasin
random initial d moment
rocket biking
apple boobs
first time j.d. hugs n.g. he's dressed like santa claus
after riding a giant curry dish in the snow
there's a lot of fighting
very little actual romance
a dragon in the movie theater
a man trapped on a kite
giant tuna
a giant king crab and giant wild boar are killed
during cook-off
there's a meteor shower
whole school dies in survival game
not really
kind of

And that's barely even a hundreth of what goes on! I love insanity!! Jeff got me the Second Semester. I can't wait till the 3rd!

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