Sunday, September 14, 2008

sake BOMB sake BOMB

(This isn't an actual picture from last night. I forgot to take one, so I just got this off an image search.)

Last night, Jeff and I headed out to Palo Alto to celebrate Pat's birthday at Miyake. This is the only restaurant I've been to that had a bouncer at the front door. It was pretty loud and rowdy in there. You could hear people cheering, "Sake BOMB! Sake BOMB!" all over the place. It was fun, though. Sorry if the upcoming video is a bit everywhere. There was so much happening that I didn't know who to shoot first!

Honestly, I wasn't going to go because I was booty-ass tired (damn late-night games!), but Jeff pulled a cheap trick out of his back pocket and had me talk to Pat on the phone. Oh, man. How was I going to say no to the birthday boy? Haha. I'm happy they convinced me, though.

Anyway, the food was pretty good and great prices. I got full kinda fast and I hadn't even gotten a fourth into my meal!

Since it was his birthday, Pat was required to stand on his chair, take FIVE shots, AND a sake bomb! WOOOOOO!!!

I so wish that I had had this camera at Pizza Orgasmica on my birthday. Then night vision would have rocked during Mose's and Mah-kus' performances. -sigh-


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