Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Battle Rages On!

No luck on the dress. No sign of it in the whole store, so I'll just cross my fingers and hope that they'll re-stock.

On another note, I have a band-aid on the side of my neck at the moment. Not exactly on the side. More like right behind my ear. What is that called? The nape of my neck? Right where all my little baby hairs are sprouting. It's going to hurt like nobody's business tomorrow when I take it off. I had to re-position the thing ONCE because it wasn't (Alright. Why is spell-check going homicidal on my conjunctions?? I just tried to type didn't and... Yup, those little red dots just marched along the bottom.) directly over the wound and I ripped out literally 6 defenseless babies. Poor things.

My skin and I have an on-going battle going on.
I want it to do one thing.
It does the complete opposite.
I break out my skincare arsenal.
It goes, "So you wanna play rough, bitch?"
It re-doubles its efforts.
I counter-attack.
It just goes on and on like that!
The latest casualty just erupted on my neck.

-sigh- TMI. I know. lol.

On yet ANOTHER note (what a terrible song!), my middle school reunion is next weekend. So expect pictures and possibly some videos. WOOT WOOT!!

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