Friday, September 19, 2008

and another one

I'm torn. I want a dress (yes, yet another for my growing collection), but it comes in two colors. Both of them are so beautiful, but I told myself I would only get one because of my money crunch. They no longer have any smaller size on-line, so I'll have to drag my ass downtown the the actual store (Urban Outfitters... I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES!) Yes, I'll actually have to see daylight. -sigh- And I know that if I go downtown, I'll pass Sephora. And Forever 21. And all this craziness will ensue with the credit card. Why won't they just re-stock!?

Ok. Ok. Here's the dress in brown:
And here it is in white:
Sooooo adorable! Maybe I'll pick one up tomorrow. A face-to-fabric encounter may help.

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