Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arise, Oh, Middle Finger!!

Arise to deliver your message to the menstrual flow! I really should have realized it was coming. I mean, I check my pill pack every day for my dose and the dummy pills were closing in fast. Maybe it was wishful thinking that it would be delayed until after my vacation somehow. Haha.

I'm sitting here, eating a day-after shrimp burrito from Rubio's. I'm not sure what's going to happen today. My mom's in a mood, which is understandable. The general atmosphere in the house is a bit tense right now. Lola's irritated from Mariel (who's truly hit the terrible twos head-on). My folks aren't talking. It's a battle of wills that was somehow triggered by bread. -shrug- Nikki's irritated because she' been getting bossed around all morning (a product of sour moods). On top of that, I missed church. Both masses. Or should I say all three masses?

Jeff took me to Trader Joe's in Westlake yesterday in search of my latest addiction:

Lol. Yea. We were driving around, looking for Booty. No luck. So far, I've only seen it at the store I work at. -sigh- Then, we went to the Avon store and bought lip gloss for myself and my mom.

Afterward, went to Marco Polo (on Taravel) for some gelato. Mmmm... mango and mocha chip.
Headed to Serramonte and did some shopping.
Grabbed some Rubio's for the fam bam.

When we got home, Tito Miguel and Les were setting up an exercise bike (a $500 exercise bike) in the living room. My mom's doctor told her she needed to start exercising her knee or else it's just going to get worse. The thing is sick! I've never seen a bike with GAMES. I tried it out, but I find it a little difficult to pedal and play Tetris at the same time. You can also play Black Jack and Texas Hold 'Em. The display looks like an iPod on steroids. I'll take pictures.

Jeff tried to help me set up Comcast in my room, but no go. I'll try again today.

OK. Gotta make like a tree and... you know... TOODLES!

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