Monday, September 1, 2008

1/2 grunge gardener 1/2 glam goddess

I woke up at 9 o'clock this morning to help with my mom's cleanup project. Tita Ellie, Tito Boyet, mom, & Nikki had already started by the time I headed down in my half-zombie-like state. We had to organize the two back storage rooms and decide what was going to stay, what was going to the Philippines, what would be going to Good Will, what needed to be cleaned, and what would be given away to friends/family. Keep in mind that the longer we were out there, the hotter it got. The sorting took a good couple of hours and once we were done with that, we weeded the place. The yard is mostly concrete, but weeds still pop up along the edges and through cracks. Meaning, it's still a pain in the ass.

By the time we finished that, I was starving and felt all levels of grimy. This is going to be completely TMI, but this was my third morning without a shower. Disgusting? Oh, yes. You don't have to tell me.

Anyway, fast forward after my shower and I was feeling like a rock star, ready to rip the runway. You see, I ordered a dress from Urban Outfitters and it came on Thursday. I absolutely ADORE it. The moment I saw it, I fell in love. It's called the Sunday in the Park Dress by Kimchi Blue. When Jeff saw me step out of my room, he told me it had an old-school vibe to it, which is why I got it.

I rocked the dress with these babies:

Over 4 inches taller! lol I swear, I felt fantastic walking around.

Jeff, Nikki, & I went to Serramonte and tried the new frozen yogurt place. I forgot what it's called :/ So many of those things are popping up, I can't keep the names straight. But, yea, still delicious.

Did I mention how incredibly sore my arms were today? I didn't? Oh, my bad. My arms were incredibly sore today. I had no idea why, either, because all I did yesterday was take Nikki & Mariel to Pat's graduation BBQ with Jeff. Nothing strenuous. But then it hit me while I was pulling a weed... Wii! Pat's Wii. Dammit! lol I only played a couple times and now my arms are burning. Maybe I should buy one and get Wii Fit. Geez. Lazy-ass. I couldn't even scratch a spot on my back because it was too painful to reach back there. I had to have Jeff do it.

Jeff and I are going to A&W tomorrow so that he can try their root beer float (BLEH!) and then see a movie afterward. This is turning out to be a nice, mellow vacation. I like.

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