Friday, April 24, 2009

4 - 19 - 2009 Mocha 101

I love crepes. Dessert crepes with plenty of ice cream. My all-time favorite has to be Belly Good Cafe & Crepes in J-Town. Sooooo good! I'm a regular customer, sad to say, so they like to make little designs on the crepes if they're not to busy. Try and tell me this isn't friggin' adorable!

I even posted a request on Facebook, asking for good crepe places in San Francisco, and spent a day sampling. They were all okay, but nothing beats Belly Good, in my opinion.

On that note, Jeff's friend, Eric started a cafe of his own. Could you imagine my euphoria when I found out that they would be selling crepes!? Of course, Jeff and I dropped by on occasion and helped out with what little we could. I did a lot of painting -proud smirk-. I painted the bathroom door (Jeff finished off the hard parts, though), the banister at the entrance, and the numbers above the door. Wooo! Team work! Jeff brought in a stream of friends to help patronize the grand opening. It was great, especially since the grand opening happened to fall on one of the hottest days we've had in a while. So much fun, I'm tellin' ya!

Here's a video of me trying an experimental crepe. I went into the kitchen and basically said that they could throw whatever they wanted into the crepe and I'd eat it.

I ended up with a bunch of fruit... includeing watermelon with vanilla ice cream.
Interesting and good.

A bunch of people showed up, which was perfect. In fact, even when they weren't open yet and we were just cleaning, painting, and setting things up, people were peaking in to see what was going on. I wish I had a video of them putting up the steel signs at the front of the building, but I was eating another crepe and couldn't spare a hand.

Here are a few shots of the inside:

Eric invested a lot of time, money, and effort into his cafe and I'm really hoping that it does well. I'm already seeing very positive feedback on Yelp (oh yes, I Yelp.) And he's a really outgoing guy. He'd invite in random, curious, pedestrians to take a look around during the renovations and he's always asking for the customers' opinions. That's good business right there.

Plus, the crepes are BOMB. I'm still a bigger fan of Belly Good, but it's so far away... lol.


Diane said...

holy shit. i am craving for one of these right now... the only time IO had them was in French class 7 years ago!

Customer said...

belly good. belly good sebastian. lol wheres diane at? can she clean windows with her knockers too? wow, i never knew u wrote this.