Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kidnapping Is Great Fun!

Yesterday, Jeff and I decided to give the girls a break from the indoors and take them to J-Town. I've been working most Saturdays and haven't been able to take them anywhere. :( So, after Jeff got off work, we headed out.

We had crepes, took the girls to Sanrio, had garlic fries, bought them little presents... the whole sha-bang! We even hit the Purikura booths. Is that right? They're basically picture booths on acid trips... which makes them that much more fun! Should I be mentioning small children and acid in the same entry? Anyway!

^This one is Jeff's favorite.^

Here's a video of Jeff and Nikki decorating the pictures:

Mariel got bored waiting, so I let her loose on the props.

When she came out of the booth, Nikki wanted a piece of the action:

They had fun, which was all I wanted. Plus, they were completely worn out by the time we headed home. lol. They were knocked out in the back seat.

After we dropped off Mariel and Nikki, Jeff and I drove off again. This time, we met up some friends at Century Daly City to wath Watchmen. It was pretty good. Possibly too much glowing, blue penis, but whatever. The plot was solid. I might get the DVD. My favorite line was definitley when Rorschach said, "I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me." So badass. I loved it.

That was my Saturday. Today was spent indoors for the most part, aside from grocery shopping and a quick round at the mall. Jeff had homework to do, so he was on the computer most of the day. Luckily, he got most of it done. Such a good boy. Haha.

Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend!

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Yas said...

Aww...the pics are sooo cute! J-town is so much fun! You have beautiful kids mama!