Sunday, March 15, 2009

It just keeps on giving...

My boyfriend doesn't like getting gift cards. I'm all for it, though... I friggin' LOVE gift cards. 2 of my boys chipped in and got me a $100 gift card to Best Buy once and that was... -sniffle-... that was beautiful, man. It was like being given a key to the happiest place on earth for me. Next to Target, that is. Would've torn that store up.

ANYWAY! My point is, as long as the people giving the card to you KNOW you... it should be fine. They know what you like and what you don't. Gift cards are the safe bet.

Buuuuut... if they don't, you're just stuck with something you're either not going to use or will end up being passed along (with much guilt, since it WAS intended as a gift for you) to somebody else. Why would somebody who knows so little about you get you a gift card anyway? Suspicious.

For example, giving me a gift card to... let's say... Banana Republic would be equivalent to giving a penguin a trumpet. All you get is a perplexed face followed by a polite smile of gratitude. Or vice versa.

I just thought I'd throw a topic out there since I hadn't blogged in a bit. Hope everybody's weekend was bloody terrific!

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Yas said...

ahahaha...that is pretty true. Hope you're having a great week too!