Monday, February 16, 2009


Jeff and I both had to work on Valentine's day, but that was fine. He surprised me by having flowers delivered to the pharmacy on Friday. I can't believe I let him surprise me again! I mean, he ALWAYS gets me flowers, but he told me that he couldn't afford them this year. Of course I told him it was no big deal and didn't think any more of it, so I really WAS surprised by the delivery. ^.^
He made the flower girl make a matching bow for the vase.

Despite having work, though, we still exchanged presents. I wish that I had pictures of the gifts I got him. We both got each other very random things. For example, I got him a Nightmare Before Christmas diorama, some spicy, instant ramen and things like that. I have pictures of my presents, though. This is proof that he loves me the way I am because not only does he accept my nerdy ways... but he encourages them, too!

So adorable! You should see the detail! I was eyeing this and drooling over the displays whenever I went to J-town. The smaller one comes in tiny boxes along with a bunch of other characters. All their boxes look alike and you choose one at random, hoping to get the one you want. I never got her! I kept getting the ones I didn't want. Hmph. Jeff got here somehow, though... and even bought me the larger display model. I love her! She comes with different faces, hair, arms... you can even take off her glasses. Big and little Yuki sit by my bed and read with me. :P
I Hate You More Than Anyone... volumes 4 through 6! He was going to buy me books 7 and 8, too, but they haven't been released yet. I love Jeff! This one really surprised me because I didn't even think that he was paying attention to which comics I read, let alone what volume I had left off on. He got super bonus points because he noticed such small things.

On to dinner!

We ate at Sam's Chowder House in Half Moon Bay on the 15th. The food was soooo good.

Just arrived & in the car. The flash reflected off the stickers on his hat.

The bread that Jeff devoured.
He always has to have his root beer.
Spicy Popcor ShrimpMaine Lobster Roll
(yes, still an appetizer and oooh so deserving of its spot as one of America's top 5 sandwiches)

These people sure knew their seafood!
New Zealand Bluenose Sea Bass
Scottish Isles Salmon

Like I wrote earlier, these people know their fish. The fish and whatever they're paired with were perfect together. When I tried some of my sea bass with Jeff's lentils and kale, it didn't taste right. Same with his Salmon and my wild mushroom risotto. But when eaten with what they came paired with... the heavens opened and cherubs played on their little loots and... y'know, good shit. Rich and flavorful and... I want some right now.

My warm chocolate cake. It was tiny, but I could barely finish it because it was so rich, thick, and had even thicker chocolate fudge on the inside...
Jeff's key lime pie. He let me suck on the limes to help me through the richness of the chocolate.

All in all it was a very chill V-Day. Didn't go overboard, but had a great time with the man I love. I hope everybody had a great day, V-Day or not... single or taken... alone or in a huge group... I just hope you all had a fun time!


Yas said...

How cute! You guys are sooooo cute I swear! The food looks delish mamas & he was so thoughtful with the gifts! Hang on to that one hunnie! Hugs & I'm glad you had a wonderful v'day!

Thea said...

I cannot seem to stay with one blog. Hmph. But I like your blog, it's pretty. And I want some of that FOOD.

Julienne said...

Hey thanks for coming and subbing to my bloggy hehe. <3

Aww Jeff is so sweet to you :0) Looks like you had an awesome valentine's day!! Mm all of that food looks DELISH.

And I sooo know what you mean about getting those character figures at random. I hate how they put weights in them so you can't see which is lightest/heaviest too. Haha!

Nu Nu Doll said...

omg that warm choc cake looks amazing! :)

iamgrape1119 said...

YUMness!! Popcorn shrimp is the BEST I tell ya!

You two are way too cute. I wish my BF was that considerate/romantic. I wish you both the best in the future.

supervillain said...

Thanks. =)

The food looks so yummy. Glad You had a great vday. You guys are very cute together. =)