Monday, January 26, 2009

Spider Pig!

Yesterday, 1-25-09, I went indoor rock-climbing with some friends. We usually go to Mission Cliffs on Harrison and 19th in the Mission. It's always fun, especially when we're with people who've never gone before. The group consisted of me, Jeff (boyfriend), Benji (Jeff's brother), Jeff (co-worker), & Rebecca. There was initially going to be a larger group, but we had flakers. It's alright. Next time.

Anyway, I'm incredibly sore right now. Like... can-barely-open-my-car-door sore. I guess that's what I get for waiting so long between sessions. It's a good kind of sore, though. Very satisfying.

BF-Jeff & I were urged into a race by the others, so of course we had to step up to the challenge. Unfortunately, I lost. It was because the rope ended up wrapped around my left leg, but a loss is still a loss. I demand a re-match!

Can you see where I got stuck?
Can you see where Jeff kept going, made sure he won, THEN went back to help me out?
Ass. Haha.

We took a ton of pictures, but here are a few of my shots:

Taking the test. The instructor got all strict about not helping each other. Pshh! Isn't that what we're s'posed to do when we're climbing anyway?!

Benji's figure-8 knot. First-timer!

Jeff being... Jeff.

Jeff: "MY BALLS!"

Benji & I just bein' our awesome selves.

Jeff & Rebecca watching a climber.

She put up with me because I was her ride home :P

I love my giant... even though he left me to dangle on that wall...

My personal favorite: Benji in a Jeff sandwich!

After all of that climbing, we headed to Hard Knox on Clement & 25th. I had been dying to try this place for the longest time. Especially since CW-Jeff made it a habit of letting me know whenever he ate there and describing how good the food was. Are all Jeff's asses?? JK... sorta. It's a soul food place and everything on the menu had me drooling. I was curious about how the fried chicken would be, but went against it because I thought that I could get chicken any ol' place. I regret it now. I should've just ordered the damn chicken because now the curiousity is killing me. I told Mary that I passed on it and she was told me, "You should've just got it. It's like biting into heaven." DAMMIT! Anyway, here's the food:

My favorite: THE CORN MUFFINS! Screw that lil' packet of butter. It didn't need it! Soft in the center with a slightly crunchy top. Sweet. I could've just kept eating these by themselves. That's my peach soda on the side. Also bomb. I loved their mugs!

BBQ ribs, fresh-cut fries, & mashed potatoes. Rebecca, Benji, & CW-Jeff ordered this (but with different sides: mac & cheese... corn on the cob... y'know)

Mine: Red snapper coated in corn meal and deep fried, candied yams, with mac & cheese. It was even better with hot sauce. But thoughts of chicken lingered in the back of my mind.

Align RightBF-Jeff's: Cajun meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and rice & gravy. I stole a piece and it was goooood.

So, basically, all that weight we lost climbing? We got it all back at dinner. But it was soooo worth it because we were ravenous by the time we were seated. It was a damn good Sunday spent with friends and ending with delicious food. All Sundays should be this good.

Cheers & G'night!


Sher said...

hi!Ive always wanted to try rock climbing! that food is making me hungry lol
yeah wtf shiseido! you'd think they can make a better cap than that! esp since the price is steep!

Yas said...

Girl I'm amazed that you tried something that looks so damn scary! After watching I think it looks fun tho. That food....omg...omg...yum!

supervillain said...

mmm i love corn muffins and candied yams and ribs!!!!