Wednesday, January 14, 2009


(Caution: Picture Heavy)

I forgot what day this was from. I should really blog right away on the same day that I do stuff, but... meh. Who's got time for that sort of lack of procrastination??

Anyway, dad, Jeff, & I took Nikki ice skating. Mariel was with us, too, but we weren't bringing here anywhere near the ice. It was freeeezing!

Here we are setting off to find some hot beverages. Nikki was waiting in line to skate.

Mariel wanted to push on her own. Not happenin', missy.

Pumpin' the baby full of caffeine.
Kidding! It's a hot chocolate. Pinky up!
The effects of the hot chocolate kicking in. Caught her!Helping Nikki re-tie her skates. I think I cut off circulation to her foot.
I think she had a little fun. Just a wee bit.And I'll end it with that impromptu photo shoot.
G'night, folks!

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