Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winding Down

It's the end of my roller-coaster weekend and tonight was a good night. Stayed in all day and froze. Wrapped some more presents. Updated the YouTube channel I've had since '06, but never got into.

Jeff let me use my epilator on his chin! Heheh. He was fine until it got closer to his lip. We also watched Red, White, & Brown. It's the new stand-up by Russell Peters:

He's Jeff's favorite comedian. We even saw him live at Cobb's Comedy Club. He did jokes that are on this new DVD, plus more. The guy's hilarious.

Oh yeah! I realized that I hadn't blogged about the Diamond Heights Christmas dinner last weekend. It was fun. We had it at Momo's on Embarcadero.

Always drove by it, but never went in. It's a very classy restaurant. All my co-workers were dressed up. The girls were planning on wearing dresses, but it was about 40 degrees out, so that wasn't going down. I wish so hard that I wasn't sick and that I could taste the food, but I heard that it was very good. I heard that my food was good, too. haha. I ordered a whole lot of meat, though, and I didn't even come close to finishing it because I wasn't trying to stuff that much dead animal into my system so close to bedtime. Not good for the diet, y'know.

These are the gifts for the White Elephant.
White Elephant? Basically, everybody brings a gift and pile it in the middle of the table. It can be anything, literally. Then, we pick numbers. Generally, you want a higher number because the people who go before you pick whichever mystery gift they want and open it. This way, you know what's out there and you have to option to steal other people's presents. My chocolate cookbook was taken from me, but I got a Stewie throw and a luggage locator, so it's all good.

We also had Secret Santas... and Jeff had me. Not boyfriend-Jeff. Co-worker-Jeff. Anyway. Jeff's a butt who likes to pick on me. Look... just LOOK at how he "wrapped my gift."

Not only that... but he left the receipt in there! Punk! lol
Anyway, I got Chucks and I'm happy... so... THANK YOU, JEFF!
Oh yea, while we're on the subject of him, let me show you the birthday card he gave me:

We're constantly in a state of war.

Steve, the pharmacy manager, gave all of us chocolate. The man knows his staff.

I wish we had gotten a shot of everybody, but I have a video. I'm not going to post it up on here, though, because it's too long. It's a video of everybody opening their Secret Santa gifts AND White Elephant gifts. However, I will end this the way our dinner ended...

Yup. The moment we stepped outside, fireworks went off across the street right by the ball park. Good shit or good shit? :)

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Yas said...

Definitely good shit!! OMG that whole shoes in a bag had me rollin! But major props for what was inside! ;) Merry Xmas with love!