Friday, December 19, 2008

My Puppies and Ruthless Benevolence

White Bichon Frise: Baby Phat... or just Baby. My mom named her!
Brown Pekingese: Jon Bon Jovi... or just Bo-Bo. Her previous owner named her.

(I mention a written portion in the video, but I deleted that because it was just a whole lot of emotion. Lots of anger and cursing and it's not something I want to look back on later and remember. Better to just let it out, then let it go.)

Let me just list the good things that happened:

1> The nurse at the screening window and the lady at the cashier's office were real sweethearts and were so helpful while I was frustrated to tears at the hospital.
2> I got a promise of being treated to dinner from an old friend. He said we could only get Round Table, though. And I could only have a personal pan pizza, small drink... and MAYBE I'd get to pick at the croutons at the salad bar.
3> Re-connected with 2 MORE old friends from Facebook.
4> Got an e-mail from my Japanese exchange student, Reiko. She and her brother, Ohiro, invited me to Japan! Heheh... we'll see. Gotta get the finances in check first.
5> Got a Christmas card from Jasmine out of nowhere!

^.^ Hmmm... when I think about it that way, today wasn't SO bad. It's better to keep the good things and the people who make you smile in mind, otherwise this world might drive you into the ground.

I'm going to go wrap presents , drink some hot chocolate, calm down, and watch something romantic (or violent, whichever catches my eye first).


Anna said...

I found your blog and I think your Pekingese is so cute! I have one too but white

Iyah said...

yes girl! :) The curl lotion helps me with my frizz and def works with straightening as well :)