Sunday, November 23, 2008

Red Robin... Yummmmm...

Today started off early because my puppies decided to have a yelping contest at 7 in the morning. BAH! An early start isn't a bad thing, though. I was able to dye Lola's hair. She's always stylin' and never tryin' to leave the house without getting done up. I'm talking fitted out, hair done, makeup in place. I love my Lola.

Ok... onward! Jeff and I took the girls and hit up the Best Buy across from Tanforan mall to buy ourselves copies of Wall-E. Disney/Pixar movies are among the few that he'll actually go out and buy. Red Robin was literally only a few feet away, so that's where we had lunch.

I was able to put my new SD card to use! I wish I had brought my mini tripod, though. Dammit. There's always next time. I did sort of a half-assed job on putting the video together because I was just testing to see if my Movie Maker is up and working again. IT'S ALIIIIIVE!!! I am extremely happy.

After lunch, we dropped Mariel off to nap with Lola, then headed back out because I promised Nikki we'd take her to see Bolt. The movie is friggin' hilarious and cute. I highly recommend watching it... perhaps instead of Twilight? -nudge nudge- I was loving all the previews for upcoming movies, too. They look very promising. Fantasy-related plots with crazy special effects. I can't wait!

That's all for now, ladies and gent (singular, because Jeff's the only "gent" who read this that I know of :P).

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BedtimeCake said...

I wanna see BOLT!! Looks so cute! U can have my pumpkin pie crust girl! haha... The cold sucks.... :)