Thursday, September 4, 2008

My First Time

(Another post because my boyfriend's mad at me and I need a distraction :( -sniffle-)

I'm blogging a bit too much, aren't I? Oh well. I have the time right now. I'm looking back at my previous posts and they're very random. As if my mind is one of those claw games and I just randomly win a post idea here and there. That analogy would make much more sense if I was actually any good at those claw games. Taunting me with their unattainable goods. DAMN THEM!

Back on track.
I was very proud of my look today. I managed to make my eyeshadow look halfway decent! -loud cheers for myself- I'm going to try to do this like a beauty blogger who actually knows what she's doing, instead of like a kid who just found a dollar in her pocket. Although I feel more like the latter than the former. And here I go...

1- Too Faced Shadow Insurance (love this)
2- MAC paint pot - Blackground
3- MAC e/s - Surreal (inner corner)
4- MAC pigment - Teal (center of lid)
5- MAC e/s - Nocturnelle (outer corner/crease)
6- MAC e/s - Orb (brow bone)
7- MAC fluidline - Blacktrack
8- Sonia Kashuk brow kit - Arch Alert 12

I don't use fake lashes. I use 2 kinds of mascara.
1st - Maybelline Full N' Soft waterproof mascara for after I curl to hold it. It really works!
2nd - Rimmel Glam'Eyes mascara to make 'em thicker. Bigger! More! More! More!

The End.

My Coastal Scents palette is taking so long. I can't wait to really start playing with colors. I'm no expert. I feel like I'm about to open a new box of colored pencils. Not crayons; colored pencils. I never really liked crayons. Hurry uuuuppppp!!
I most likely won't do many posts like this one. I feel like such a poser. lol I just wanted to give it a try. When I'd read other beauty blogs, I'd be baffled by the list of makeup women would have up. I'd be thinking, "do they really use all of that to make one look??" But after doing this myself, the answer is, "Well, hot damn. They do!" Mine was kind of simple. The looks I've seen are insane and I have no doubt the bloggers would use every color available and create some if they needed in order to create new looks.

I'm ready to learn! Bring it on!!

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