Friday, September 26, 2008

For the Nerd in Me

I'm not allowed to buy anything for myself from now until our anniversary dinner *Jeff's and mine*

We already had a mishap because I had bought the Bizarre Foods DVD from (after driving to the actual store every other weekend and them never having it in stock). When I told my boyfriend that I had finally caved and just ordered it, he got upset because it was one of my presents. So, I had to cancel my order ASAP, but I still knew what my present was. Through some puppy-dog-eyeing, I convinced him to give up the DVD since I already knew what it was. I've been happily watching it every morning while I get ready for work. Mmmm... hagis.

Thank you, honey! I'm still very happy!

Something else I ordered (from Amazon and BEFORE I promised not to buy anything else) came today!

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage (001)

This is a picture of the DVD case, which is actually a black, tin case. You can put the rest of the season in it because there are 4 extra slots. I'm hoping that I'll love it and I can fill up those slots. I'm also hoping I'll love it, because I bought disc 002. Haha. I couldn't help it! It was a sale! Besides, all the reviews were great and I love action/comedy anime.

I'm off to clean until I fall asleep. Bye!

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Baby Blue™ said...

As long as you like the DVD! I would have gotten you season 2 but that comes out ON our anniversary...