Sunday, June 22, 2008

Unusual Weather

I have no idea what's been up with the Bay lately, but it's been hot. I suppose today marks the end of it because the fog's back full-force. The fam and I made good use of the weather, though. Well, not the first few days, since I was at work. It's a lucky thing, too, since all the customers coming into the pharmacy were sweaty, cranky, and just generally uncomfortable. It's days like the past few that urge out photographers into their false advertisement of this city. I mean, really. Why are all the postcards and pamphlets displaying sunny, clear, hot San Francisco? Blatant false advertising. We're a damp, foggy city. Don't come here in shorts and a tank top. You'll regret it when you're shivering by the Pier, being forced to buy an embroidered San Francisco sweater by one of the street vendors *who are likely snickering at the tourists behind the register*.

Anyhoo. Like I was saying: We made good use of the weather. Jeff and I packed up Lola & the girls and headed out for some fun in the elusive sun.

With the ladies: Nikki & Mariel

Jeff putting up with and participating in my nonsense.

Jeff being his tall-ass.

She's so easily influenced.

Turning the Marina into a hair salon...

Gettin' his braid on.
Such focus. Such concentration.

On the other side of the bench.

And then Jeff came and started squishin' away.


The following are three parts to the same video. The file was too big, so I had to divy it up a bit. I also apologize for the sound. I had no idea it was that windy until I watched the video later on my computer. My bad, folks.

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Anonymous said...

I might be trippin' ... but your grandma looks like she lost weight! :O