Sunday, October 21, 2007

Yes, Another One.

Jeff brought over Space Jam for Nikki to enjoy (well, it's technically for me) because we loved it so much when we were kids. I seriously understand that whole "when I was your age" statement now. Things just seem to be going downhill. Technology-wise, we're advancing. But as far as what's being broadcasted and put out into the world... not so much. It seems as if we're only broadcast good things to combat the negatives we "accidentally" released.

How Space Jam led me to think of this... I have no idea. But that's not the point! We put the bad out, then try to pull it back in. Pandora's friggin' box... DAMN YOU, PANDORA!

I miss the good ol' days. It kinda makes me wonder just how much better my parents' good ol' days were... and further back to when things were really simple. I've always wondered that.

I remember my dad taking me downtown to keep him company while he ran errands. I was on the roof of this building, looking at the city around me and just thinking how ugly it is. If you consider it's natural state... everything that used to be there... damn. Shit's ugly. Don't get me wrong. I'm a city girl at heart, but damn... it just so much of a waste. Even now, if I look to my right at all the hills surrounding the neighborhood... I can imagine the buildings, homes, businesses NOT being there. Beautiful, green hills. Trees. Animals. Maybe forests? Damn.

Space Jam made me sad :/

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