Friday, March 12, 2010

Cheap Addiction DIY

If you've never heard of, you should check it out. It's a site that carries all sorts of custom phone cases... I can't even describe them. You just have to check out the site for yourself.

I was ABOUT to put down the $80 for a case. I seriously was. But then the cheap in my blazed to life and I though, screw that... I'll make my own. I love the designs. There are some that caught my eye, but none that made me think, "I HAVE to have that!" And I wasn't about to shell out that amount of money on something that I had luke-warm attraction to. Nuh-uh.

So I ordered a cheap case off of Amazon (I probably could have gotten one cheaper off Ebay, but I'm an Amazon fan) for around $3.00. The cost was mainly shipping :/ It's a matte, hard plastic one that snaps into place.

Also ordered a red one.

Then, I headed off to Michael's art supply store and bought a bunch of jewels and pearls. Here's what my work area at the kitchen table looked like:

Gorilla Glue!!

Bling Bling

I didn't really have a design in mind. I just figured that I'd make it up as I go along and cross my fingers. I sacrificed a couple necklaces and earrings to my little project, too. It's fine since they were pieces that never made any special appearance anyway.

I didn't get to use the owl because it didn't go with my color scheme :/ Next time.

Work in progress.

And then....


*drum roll*


I am incredibly proud and satisfied with how it turned out. >.< I'm actually considering making a second one, a more colorful one. The total cost for everything was actually less than $30. So, if nothing grabs your attention on the site, I think that you should just grab some Krazy Glue (But be careful with it. Use toothpicks to position the stones you use.) and get to work!


Karen said...

Awesome job with the DIY phone case Elisa :)
Yah I have to admit that $80 USD for a phone case is a bit pricey. I would seriously have to really really want that case to fork that out. I'm sure with shipping and all it would come to $100 CDN +

For The Fierce said...

oooo snap! thats noooice. This inspires me, I need to do that. I've seen the plain ones with a bunch of rhinestones for about $30 bucks, but I can't spend that much on a fone cover thats ridiculous!

Thanx for this great idea! I def wanna try this sometime soon.


DiWiMakeup said...

Great job! It's better than shelling out the $80 since the one you have is the one and only. How long does it take for the glue to completely dry?


Iyah said...

hahahah! =) You inspired me so much!! I was about to shell out $80 also for a hello kitty one but after this, I'm thinking to just do it on my own. woohoo!! =)

mandilicious said...

NICE!!! so creative! i wanna make one too! thanks for the idea!!! :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Oh my gosh, you have seriously given me the push I need to decorate my phone! lol I keep telling myself I will but haven't gotten started. I will now though :D

Anonymous said...

that is sooo pretty !
i think i might justhave to make one noww