Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mushroom Love

Jeff and I went to the Gilroy Garlic Festival a little while back and there was only ONE thing that I wanted to eat: stuffed mushrooms. Unfortunately, I kept putting off buying some until the very end and guess what... they were all GOOOONNEE!! -sobs hysterically- Then, afterward, I kept hearing about how good they were and how I missed out. Damn it! I might go to the festival next year just to get 'em... cause the rest of the festival was just alright for me.

(My condolence gift: garlic fries with crab)

Back on point, though. The craving never really left me, so Jeff and I decided to dust off our cooking skills and make some crab-stuffed portobello mushroom caps! (click here for recipe) It's Paula Dean! It's gotta be good. The woman loves everything delicious and heart attack-inducing! Luckily, Jeff's always down to tinker around in the kitchen with me. I just have to suggest a recipe I want to try ^_^

The ingredients!

Jeff removing the gills and stems from the MASSIVE portobellos.

Good job, babe!

I guess the mushrooms reminded him of me?

I got the hang of it after a while.

Bringing the stuffing together.

Seriously. The caps were huge.

Panko bread crumbs.

We made 2 versions. Jeff likes the ones with more bread crumbs on top because they were crunchier. I like the one with less and pepper jack on top. Nom Nom Nom.

I do believe it was a success. We didn't realize how filling they would be, though. We weren't able to finish the 4 that we made. :/ Hope you guys give it a try! So good!


mandilicious said...

yum!..i love mushrooms!..i can eat mushrooms errrdayy!

Sara said...

Hey doll! I didn't know you were a follower, I havent been able to get on here for a VERY, very long time! Your so beautiful and you and the hubby are adorable! ♥

keep in touch!*

SwatchCrazee said...

hey babe! thanks for the comment on my heartbreak post. so sweet of u. yes i agree that we do need to talk so i can get closure at least. i hope he stops ignoring me. hoping for a positive turnout ;(

SwatchCrazee said...

oops i forgot to tell u that those mushrooms are huuuuge! i am so gonna try that recipe. i luv stuffed mushrooms.