Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Haul

So, here's my list of Christmas gifts. I just thought that I'd post this first before my more important family gathering blog, since that one is going to be endless pictures and words and all manner of nostalgia.

Ok, here it goes:

From my husby...
1) He went to the container store to find me a place to store my makeup. Heheh.
2)A printer/scanner/copier. I've always wanted one, but had no idea which one to get. 3)A Bamboo! This is going to be so much fun for editing pictures and just being a nerd. 4) I think this is called a neckerchief. Right? Anyway, it's green, it looks kick-ass, and he bought it at Metro Park. Thank you so much, babe! >.< style="text-align: justify;">
From the family...
1) My mom gave me cash and movie tickets. 2) Ate 'Chel & Mike gave me super-soft white gloves and a Coach... er... card/cash/key chain thing. lol. I have nothing resembling high-end... well, anything, really... but I really appreciate this!
I thought it was kinda cute that it came in its own tiny satchel.
3) Ate Mar gave me MAC pigments! Wooo!!!4) RJ & Alizah gave me these cute slippers. I thought it was hella funny because Tito Miguel used to always say this to me when I was younger (which means I can forgive them for being pink):"You're funny... looking."
5) Ate Liza gave me this cute Ulta palette. Yeesssss... more colors!
The cool part that it comes with this magnetized, customizable compact.
6) Tito Miguel (who confessed to taking Les' money and running out the front door, yelling, "Im going shopping!") got me a Hollister zip-up hoodie. This is another brand I'm unfamiliar with, but he assures me it's what the hip youngsters are wearing these days. It was cold and I didn't feel like taking it off just to take a picture of it :P
7) Nikki got me a mini abominable (sp?) snowman and very colorful bracelets.
Do you remember the old claymation Christmas specials? Abominable snowman was scary, boy!

Alright... now that that's out of the way, I'm going to start picking out which family pictures to put up and editing home videos to post on my next blog. I hope everybody had a great time and got to spend the holidays with their loved ones! Gnight!


- aika - - said...

wow love the organizer :D


I HATE falsies too gave me double lids :(

i'll post the picture so u have an idea on what im saying

- aika - - said...

visit my site again :D

(( K@Y )) said...

Love the container store stuff, I got plastic drawers for most of my stuff.

Yas said...

Love the bamboo & the mother of all storages!! ;) Super xmas goodies!