Monday, November 24, 2008

No Class

What the fuck is happening to people nowadays!?

I swear to God... every time... every SINGLE time I watch the news, I see something that makes my blood boil. Make me shake my head in disgust. Morals... manners... class... decency... all that is just being flushed down the toilet.

I just watched this report on an 80 year old woman who was attacked by 3, 20-something "men" while collected cans and bottles. What the fuck is that shit?! And, from what was reported, they did it just to fucking do it. They didn't rob her. None of her possessions were taken. They just fucking attacked her, started kicking, and beat her with a stick until the stick broke.

How the fuck do you do that?! She was completely defenseless and just a sweet, little, old lady (according to the neighbors, who were also pissed off). Every time I finish watching the news, my jaw is so tense. I swear to God! That poor woman. She was under 5 feet tall AND under 100 pounds... and now she's unconscious in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. I hope the witnesses come forward.

I hope those three assholes are found, convicted, and become prison bitches. It's less than what they deserve.

OMG! I can't even write any more!


jeSmakeup said...

yea i LOVE them tooo! its not too late to buy their tickets! if ur in LA area... =P ive been to two of their oterhc oncerts too but really unsatisifed cuz it wasnt all of them! but now it is.. really excited!

xppinkx said...


i watch the news...but its never any good sad. shit heads dont give a shit about elderly or can you beat a old woman and not take a thing...they just beat her just to beat her WTF!!!...i'd fucking kill one was there to help???? jesus!
did you hear about the a father in england who raped his 2 daughters for 27 years and impregnated them 19 times...had some miscarriages but the babies are mentally retarded...

this world is fucked up!!!

but sorry to rant on my 1st comment on here...

other than that your corn looks supper yummy!