Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sublimely Typical

It's a well-known fact that I don't really vibe with the club scene too much. The few times that I have managed to get out and go, I didn't have as much fun as it seems like other people are having. Maybe it' s because I don't drink? Or maybe because it's cramped, I don't like being touched by foreign bodies, and people end up spilling shit on me? It's most likely a combination of all factors. I prefer familiar, private settings.

Why do I need to hit the clubs anyway? I mean, look at this...

Skills, right?

So, that's actually a typical night at the house.

HaHa. Mariel instantly gets up and begins dancing whenever she hears "Low." Even when we're driving somewhere, she'll start wiggling around in her car seat, waving her arms around. We've dubbed it her jam from now on. She was copying Nikki when she dropped it to the floor. Oh, goodness. So funny. She copies pretty much anything of interest now, so we have to watch what we say/do around her. While I was driving her and Nikki to Chuck E. Cheese's, the "Beautiful Girls" response (the one wit Jo-Jo) came on and she was trying to sing the word suicidal. It sounded more like "Sue's eye," but you get it.

Last, but not least, is this clip. Another "typical" moment: Jeff and I tired, on the couch, and watching movies:

K. G'nite, folks! It's almost midnight and I've been sitting here, waiting for these short clips to load for much too long.

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